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Abracadabra: Words used by the magician that supposedly cause a supernatural event to occur.

Act: The tricks or routines a magician presents during a performance.
Effect: How the audience sees or perceives a trick.
Exposure: Revealing the method or secret of a trick.
Gaff: An ordinary object which has been unnoticeably altered to be used by the magician to perform an effect.
Gimmick: An object seen or unseen which is normal in appearance but is constructed to allow a magical effect to occur.
Gospel Illusion: A type of magic which is combined with an evangelistic message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.
I.B.M.: International Brotherhood of Magicians, a trade organization dedicated to the practice and profession of magic.
Illusion: Another name for the performance of magic, usually refers to the performance of larger, stage oriented tricks.
Impromptu magic: Tricks not requiring advance set-up.
Misdirection: Diverting the focus of the audience away from a secret move without their knowledge.
Parlor Magic: Tricks performed before a smaller group, about 10 to 50 people, different from Stage magic.
Patter: The talk that goes with each trick. It should be carefully rehearsed so that the desired effect is achieved. It should be both interesting as well as amusing.
Preparation: The activity involved with the steps and equipment prior to the performance of the trick.
Prestidigitation: Another term for the performance of magic.
Production: The appearance of an object or objects from "out of nowhere".
S.A.M.: Society of American Magicians, a trade organization dedicated to the practice and profession of magic.
Sleight of Hand: An effect performed by the use of manipulating an object in one's hand, such as a deck of playing cards.
Suspension: The act whereby a person or object floats without visible support.
S.Y.M.: Society of Young Magicians, an organization dedicated to the practice of magic by youth.
Transformation: One object apparently becomes another.
Transposition: Where two objects change places.

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