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Harmonica Classes

Budget-Friendly Events ~ Just Call and Ask!

harmonica on music sheet For those interested in learning to play a musical instrument but don't have the time to learn all the details, this course is for you. Jeff Smith who you may know as Amazing Jeffo, the blind magician who teaches magic classes is now offering a fast, simple course in beginning harmonica.

The course will consist of three sessions that will equip the aspiring musician with a practical understanding of this fun, portable and inexpensive instrument. It's all right if you can't read music because that's to whom the course is geared. During this class you'll learn techniques and short cuts that Jeff developed over the last 25 years to give you a working knowledge of the harmonica and inspire you to further heights.

Amazing Jeffo skillfully playing his harmonica! The $70 tuition includes a comprehensive course book, two harmonicas with accompanying books that are full of methods and songs. You will also receive an instructional CD, cassette tape, and optional choices of additional CD's for further instruction. This course really sucks. But that's as it should be -- it's a harmonica class!

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