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Amazinq Jeffo's Tips To Becoming A Great Magician

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  1. Completely learn the trick and patter. Practice in front of a mirror with a tape recorder. Show the trick to a person you trust. Practice until you are able to perform smoothly, even when you are nervous.

  2. Never, ever, reveal the secret - it will spoil it for everyone.

  3. Never tell exactly what is coming next with the trick, because if something goes wrong, you still might be able to save it.

  4. Never show any trick twice in a row to the same person.

  5. Don't tell them anything they do not suspect in the first place. Don't be too obvious about what you are showing them.

  6. Make the audience feel comfortable -- Entertain! Don't make them look foolish.

  7. A few simple tricks PERFORMED WELL look a lot better than several complicated tricks PERFORMED POORLY.

If you enjoyed learning these Tips, Amazing Jeffo invites you to one of his three Magic Classes: Abracadabra, Discover The Secrets of Magic, and Hocus Pocus.

Please encourage your local group, such as Community Education, Church, Scouts, etc., to contact Amazing Jeffo. Let them know you would like Jeffo to teach you more Amazing Illusions. For more information please click here for the "Magic Classes" page.

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