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Ten Rules of Courtesy to the Blind

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  1. A blind person may need help. They do not need, or want pity. Thousands are successful workers and many more are working toward independence through state/federal programs of vocational rehabilitation.

  2. When offering assistance to a blind person, be direct. Speak in a normal tone. Simply ask: "May I be of help?". Address them directly; this will help them locate you.

  3. Never "grab" a blind person's arm; they can't anticipate your movements if you do. Permit them to take your arm and say: "Here's my left arm" or the right, as the case may be. They know, then, how to take your arm and they will respond to your motion 1nuch as a dancer follows a partner.

  4. In walking with a blind person, proceed at a normal pace; hesitate slightly before stepping up or down; don't drag them over the curb. After crossing the street, see that they are started straight in the direction they want to take, and caution them of any unusual obstructions ahead.

  5. In giving directions, don't point. Use a landmark or identify intersections by street names, say: "Three blocks ahead, cross the intersection, turn left two and a half blocks and the building is on your right".

  6. In showing a blind person to a chair, place their hand upon the back of it; don't try to push them into it. Their touch will let them know the type, width and height of the chair.

  7. When serving food to a blind person who is eating without a sighted companion, offer to read the menu--including the price of each item. Describe location of food on plate by using the face of a clock, meat at 12 o'clock, vegetable at 9 o'clock, etc. As you place each item on the table call their attention to it, as: "Here's your water". If they want you to cut up their food or serve it from a casserole or platter, they will request that help. It's never bad form to offer.

  8. When conversing with a blind person, use normal tones; they may greet you by saying: "It's good to see you again". Speak directly to them; if your gaze wanders, your voice -- follows.

  9. In making change in bills for more than one denomination, hand them the bills separately and identify each denomination as you hand it to them. This is not necessary with coins, as they know them by touch.

  10. If you are a police officer, identify yourself as such when you approach a blind person; they may ask help from you that they would not from others.

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