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Comedy Magician Amazing Jeffo World Tour and Travel Log

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If I hadn't said that crack about Priscilla,
I could be famous today!

Here's Amazing Jeffo using his braille sweephand
to time Mr. Santana's fastball.

Here's Amazing Jeffo giving President Lincoln a little advice
on his idea for an address to deliver at Gettysburg.

Jeffo wondering if he's got a lawsuit against
whoever came up with the Justice is Blind motto.

Even a former President travels far to volunteer for a Jeffo trick.
Notice Nixon waving his hand, "V" for volunteer.

Jeffo at a command celebrity performance (they were sitting off to the right) in front of the Eyefull Tower.

Many people don't realize that Jeffo was not only the first magician to perform on the moon, but also the only human alive who can breathe on the moon without a space suit.

On his way to spread love and happiness across the great United States.

Jeffo in Spain.  The bulls did not seem to be interested in his entertaining style of illusion, but over all, the country fell in love with him.

Two people traveled all the way from England to have the great privilege of witnessing a private performance on the Great Wall by Jeffo.   This was the only show Jeffo ever did on the Great Wall.

Amazing Jeffo's disability awareness breaks down walls.

Here's Jeffo giving some comic relief to a high level meeting.

The Amazing Jeffo is trying out one of his hot routines.

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