Jeffo Motivation

Jeffrey Smith is a motivational speaker. For 29 years he has delivered his extraordinary story of overcoming life-threatening disease, disability and societal barriers with a blend of magic and humor as America’s only multiply disabled magician who is blind (at least as far as he can see).

Jeffery Smith brings a dynamic motivational presentation for your corporate, civic or non-profit group.

The inspirational message of overcoming challenges while keeping a positive attitude delivers, not only an encouragement to your group, but also offers practical principles for everyday success.

His infectious positive attitude illustrates how to thrive in difficult situations, through a variety of humor and heart touching stories.

Your group will enjoy this magical motivational presentation.

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Your Group will be AMAZED by Jeff Smith ~ The Amazing Jeffo!
Keynote Addresses ~ Sales Meetings ~ Staff Development Meetings ~ Awards Banquets

"The most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about our attitude." ~ The Amazing Jeffo

"As both Jeff Smith and my alter-ego Amazing Jeffo, I will share my unique life perspective with your group: lessons learned, insights gained, obstacles transformed into opportunities, and triumph over turmoil, all to encourage and motivate your group to excel and rise above challenges." Jeff Smith

Keynote motivational speaker Jeff Smith

A Unique Perspective - A Powerful Message
Discover ways to be free from self-limiting attitudes. Your group will gain new perspectives about their own abilities to overcome challenges as they witness how Smith creatively uses adaptive skills and techniques. Invite Jeff Smith to share his unique perspective with your corporate or civic group. Ignite a new attitude. It’s encouraging, inspirational and fun!

"This is not a story about a man who cannot see. It is a story about a man who refuses to see the obstacles in front of him."
Rod Rassman - KSTP - TV

Smith Demonstrates the Power of a New Perspective!
"A man who lives up to his title - Amazing!
Amazing Jeffo is a man who doesn't know the word can’t."
R.J. Fritz - WCCO - TV

The Amazing Jeffo Will Reveal the Secrets!

  • How Obstacles are turned into Opportunities
  • How Champions Rise above Challenges
  • Motivation Methods that are almost Magical
  • The Power of Creative Problem Solving
  • Change in the Workplace & Adaptation
  • Turning Turmoil into Triumph

It’s Inspirational, Motivational. It’s Jeff Smith!

"His warmth and sense of humor help to underscore the real message, that you can overcome adversity."
John Gervan - Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Association

"There’s more to the Amazing Jeffo’s program than meets the eye. His best trick is making misconceptions about disabilities disappear."
Darci Pohland - WCCO-TV

"Your showmanship, message and presence helped make our Manager/Supervisor meeting a fine success."
Julie Johnson - Metropolitan Council

"As both Jeff Smith and my alter-ego Amazing Jeffo, I will share my unique life perspective to encourage and motivate your group to excel and rise above challenges."
Jeff Smith

Who’s ever heard of a blind magician?

A "blind magician" may be an oxymoron, but then Jeff Smith has never been one to fit the mold. Consider:

  • Doctors said he wouldn’t live past the age of 15: Jeff is over 50.
  • Some teachers said his disability made college impossible: Jeff is a University of Minnesota alumnus, the first blind individual to graduate from the School of Journalism.
  • They said advertising copywriting had never been done by someone blind. He graduated with a major in advertising copywriting and worked in an agency and as a free-lance copywriter.
  • Family and friends feared he’d never live independently, much less marry: After years of living on his own, Jeffo built his own home in 2002 and has celebrated multiple wedding anniversaries with his wife, Devon.
  • Friends worried he’d not be able to find work as a blind entertainer and motivational speaker: Jeffo make a living entertaining and educating thousands, performing 150 shows annually for 20 years.

Motivational Speaker for Corporate Events & Civic Groups

Jeff will bring his motivational and encouraging message to your event.

Your group will be energized and encouraged by Jeff's message of triumph over adversity. He brings practical methods to keeping your attitude up when life gets you down. His message of overcoming will captivate your audience and inspire them to strive for excellence. This Motivational Speaker brings life to corporate events and meetings.

Jeff uses his natural gift of humor to draw your audience in and get them motivated to see above their struggles and challenges. Its a program filled with laughs along with heartfelt stories of overcoming adversity.

His presentations are designed to ignite people to see and pursue challenges in a new light. The comedy filled program weaves a message throughout the show that reflects a belief that the most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about: our attitude.

Smith has been successfully presenting for over 29 years, and nearly 4000 shows, for clients such as: 3M, X-cel Energy, Amerprise, WCCO TV, 45-TV, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Twins, The IRS, and others.

Jeff shares his motivational message with all ages. He will bring his laugh filled presentation to your business or Social Group. Your team will be inspired by the message of positive attitude while under pressure. This motivational keynote presentation is a great kick off for awards banquets, sales meetings, and staff appreciation events. Jeff performs across Minnesota and Wisconsin and well as across the U.S.

Ideal for Conferences, Staff Development and Keynote Presentations.

Jeff’s Motivational presentation will inspire your group and encourage them to look on the positive side of life.

“A spot-on message for our leadership team.”
Ted Maday, Vets Plus Inc., Menomonie WI

“The State Conference got off to a great start thanks largely to a superb opening speaker ~ Jeff Smith.”
~ Jon Gurban - Executive Director of MN Parks & Recreation Keeping Up Magazine

“It’s the best program we’ve had in a long time. We came away feeling entertained, refreshed and recharged.”
~ Loren Novack - President, Prior Lake Optimist Club

“Jeffo, true magic lies not in slight of hand or the distractions that divert us but in the sharing of time, talent and your heart. Thank you for sharing all of these things with all of us.”
~ Cathy Harstad, Pathfinder Conference Coordinator

“Thanks again for everything. People are still talking about how incredible you were at the Appreciation Banquet. We were simply amazed by you. We received many good comments at the next meeting received a round of applause when your show was mentioned. You truly were amazing.”
~ Joseph “Jay” N. Nichols, Staff Appreciation Banquet - Boston, MA

“Thank you so much for an amazing performance tonight, it felt great to laugh that hard. Thank you again for supporting the military. Words alone could never express my gratitude and that of others. You are truly an inspiration Jeffo, I would love to see you perform again.”
~ Amy N. - Chair Military Officer Christian Fellowship, St. Paul MN

“He was utterly amazing how he overcame all challenges and obstacles to follow his dream. He gave us all a new perspective on success. He is inspiring!”
~ Louise Bakken, President of Oslo 2, lodge, Sons of Norway

Amazing Jeffo sees himself foremost as a magician/motivational speaker, who merely possesses the characteristic of being blind. Smith doesn’t view his blindness as a disability, but as a means to express his belief that "The most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about: our attitude."

"We cannot control our circumstances, but we have total power over how we interpret these circumstances and what we do with them," Smith says. "We can dwell on negatives or realize that all circumstances have inherent negatives and positives. We make the choice."

Smith often uses humor to describe his most daunting challenges, i.e. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Blindness" and "The Hilarity of my Hospitalization."

A healthy dose of humor has accompanied each of Smith’s physical challenges, proving as great a medicine as any prescription or treatment.

"I can either see blindness and other physical challenges for the ways they may limit me, or choose to see them for the opportunities they create," he says. "For example, giving me the opportunity to teach others about their challenges, which are really just opportunities in disguise. My circumstances have enabled me to reach beyond myself and more clearly see the influence I can have in the lives of others."

Smith’s audience members are encouraged to free themselves from their own self-limitations. They gain new perspectives about their own abilities while they witness how Smith creatively uses adaptive skills and techniques in his presentation.

Invite Jeff Smith to share his unique perspective with your corporate or civic group. Ignite a new attitude. As Smith says, "Discover the opportunity that lies in the midst of the obstacle!"

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