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The Magic of Amazing Jeffo, promoting the equality of people with disabilities.

Students will learn about disabilities, gaining appreciation for reading and building 21st century learning and social-emotional skills, such as respect, curiosity, mental agility and realizing that we are all more alike than different.

I know your staff and students would be fascinated by the wonder of a blind magician and, as a result, be inspired to adopt their own "can do" attitude.

This character building presentation is designed to ignite students to see and pursue challenges in a new light. The comedy filled presentation weaves a message throughout the show that reflects a belief that the most disabling thing in our lives is the thing we can do the most about: our attitude. The magic illustrates that one need not possess sight to have vision.

This innovative and educational program has been presented to elementary/secondary schools, colleges, self-advocacy groups and corporate clientele. It is filled with mystery, music, stunts, volunteer participants, harmonica playing, comedy, funny sound effects, all blended with a message that encourages a positive attitude toward life, leading to good character development.

My standard fee can be negotiable. I do not want my fee to be an obstacle to sharing this special message that inspires students to soar to the height of their capability.

The message, "challenges can become opportunities for personal growth and success," can also be presented as a motivational speech.

Magic show themes can be tailored to your curriculum. Lighthearted, lively and engaging!

"Kids got into your message, you can do anything you put your mind and efforts into. Kids also loved the magic and jokes."
~ Kari Anderson, Children’s Connection, North Branch, MN

"Great audience involvement and your right on Message! Do your best with what you have to overcome personal barriers."
~ Mike Winter, Cub Scout Pack 391, Chaska, MN

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School audiences will enjoy Amazing Jeffo’s fun and educational messages!

Amazing Jeffo Performing magic show at a school Out of his hat, Amazing Jeffo pulls captivating magic and fresh surprises, sure to mesmerize your students!

This blind magician inspires students to see their own abilities. As they laugh their socks off, they’ll be learning about disabilities, gaining appreciation for reading, and building respect for themselves and others.

Through magic, music and humor, Amazing Jeffo demonstrates to students how to maximize their talents for greater achievement.

His highly visual magic compliments a message that encourages a positive attitude towards life, leading to good character development.

In addition to stage magic, I offer strolling magic for family nights, carnivals, fairs, open houses, and fund raisers.

Shows are tailored to pre-school, elementary, junior and senior high school ages. Appropriate for all ages!

"Jeffo presented a variety of magic, humor and inspiration about disabilities. Jeffo’s programs kept all ages engaged."
Deb Odell - Counselor - Edinbrook Elementary, Brooklyn Park, MN

"Jeffo interacts wonderfully with the students. The show was engaging".
Francisca Vega - Teacher - Roosevelt Elementary, St. Paul, MN

"Jeffo performed not only a good magic show, but he opened our eyes with his message. We don’t talk much about the differently-abled [at our school], and it’s good for our kids to get exposure on this topic."
Sarah Gerard, - Teacher, West St. Paul, MN

Jeff Smith - the Amazing Jeffo presents a fun and educational message for your students. Topics include:

  • Motivation & Success in School
  • Reading Appreciation
  • Disability Awareness
  • or a specific message tailored to a topic of your choice!

Magic is a visual art. When performed by a skilled illusionist, a clever sleight of hand tricks your eyes into believing the impossible. The Amazing Jeffo is just such a magician, captivating audiences with his thoroughly impressive magic throughout the greater Twin Cities area for the past 15 years.

Ironically, the Amazing Jeffo cannot see the tricks he performs. Billing himself as "not your typical blind magician," Jeff Smith uses magic, comedy and his upbeat persona to deliver a variety of positive messages. For school audiences, his focus is on motivating students and overcoming challenges.

Amazing Jeffo performing for school kids

March 5, 2003
Dear Amazing Jeffo:
Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us at Cedar Park last night! The kids loved your sleight-of-hand and your jokes. Your magic talents are just frosting on top of a BIG SPECIAL CAKE! Your patience, empathy, kindness, humor, honesty, and insight are the cake layers. You’re an incredible gift to the world.

Leigh Johnson and Connie Elvin
ISD 196 Rosemount Community Education

"I like to say that I’m a magician who happens to be blind," says Jeffo a St. Paul native, who fell into his unusual career choice when a sister-in-law and a friend pushed him into performing his longtime hobby for two school classes. Within six months, Smith was booking shows regularly for school, church and corporate groups. Today, Smith performs 150 shows each year.

Smith hasn’t always been blind. Born with sight, he lost it during his teens due to rheumatoid arthritis, which has also meant the need for a walking cane. But spend any time with Smith and you are quickly won over by his warmth, humor and sense of purpose. "Through my performances I try to convey an awareness that we all have a place in the world," says Smith, "and that our talents, abilities and unique perspectives can be offered to other people."

Schools booking Smith select from a variety of messages, including teaching motivational principles, reading appreciation, disability awareness or a topic of their choice. Smith is the first person to point out that sighted people are rarely comfortable at first with a blind individual. That’s where his humor enters in, alternatively referred to as silly, cheeky, and sometimes corny.

"Don’t tell me I’m also color blind!" Smith tells an audience during a trick. When eager young audience members raise their hands to volunteer, he tells them, "You’ll have to raise your hands a lot higher than that for me to see them." And he instructs a volunteer, "Pick a card and don’t let me see it!"

Amzing Jeffo working with student volunteer

"A great repertoire. Really able to connect with an audience. I know I will have Jeff back. Anytime folks ask me for a good magician, I recommend Jeff."

"Jeff always draws a big audience and he keeps the pace of his show quick, keeping the audience involved and, of course, always entertained."
Chris Madsen, Events Manager, Children’s Museum, St. Paul, MN

An accomplished harmonica player, Smith also adds music to his tricks to hilarious effect. And then of course, there are the giant Nerf binoculars, the bomb sound effect box often given to a young audience member to alert the crowd when a joke is "just too corny," and a snorting device hidden in his handkerchief. "The kids love it," he says, chuckling. When asked about his shtick, Smith says it came naturally growing out of his "desperate need for recognition, due to a poor self-image developing from a chronic stuttering condition he has since overcome. At his first show in 1990, Smith was messing up trick after trick. "In my panic, I just resorted to humor, which has always helped me. When the audience howled at my jokes, I quickly realized that the point of all of this is not to fool people but to entertain and educate."

The Amazing Jeffo, a.k.a. Jeff Smith, performs 150 shows per year. To invite him to perform for your educational, corporate, religious or civic group, call 651-457-7300. The Amazing Jeffo also regularly teaches beginning magic and harmonica classes for community-education and student-incentive programs.

Jeffo’s school shows teach today’s messages and can be customized to your needs. Performances that teach motivational principles, reading appreciation, disability awareness or a topic of your choice.

Throughout his performance, Amazing Jeffo conveys the ability of the blind and disabled to function in social, school, and professional settings. And who is better qualified than the blind to communicate the abilities of the blind?

New concepts are more easily remembered through the dramatic visual effects of magic. Fresh Magic! Tricks and skits you’ve never seen before that promote positive living. Francisca Vega, a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary in St. Paul says "Jeffo interacts wonderfully with the students. The show was engaging, even for the preschoolers".

The Amazing Jeffo, a.k.a. Jeff Smith, performs 150 shows per year.

Call The Amazing Jeffo - Jeff Smith @ 651-457-7300